Social Bookmarking 2016 – Is it passé?

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Social Bookmarking 2016 – Is it passé?

21:32 07 January in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Social bookmarking for SEO purposes was a rage a few years back. Engagement based social Bookmarking 2016 still is. However, routine abuse of the SoBo (social bookmarking) engines, search engines like Google have redefined their strategy viz. SoBo websites. Search engines now ignore the low quality backlinks that social bookmarking websites offer. A big number of social bookmarking websites are already on a nofollow or nonindex mode. This means that all important “link juice” doesn’t flow to the website being socially bookmarked. There was a time when it worked, but that was before the black hat spam.

If you have a link that is on a social platform that is never used or shared, the benefit is next to nothing. Having said that, we cannot deny that social bookmarking creates a true web of resources and connections. Social bookmarking is not limited to individuals and their folders. It represents the interests and judgments of a community as a whole. Now this is something that the search engines really like. A community contributing to a thread of a posted link is looked upon as an editorial endorsement of content on that link. This coupled with traffic flowing to the posted link betters the chances for that link to get better ranking.

Social bookmarking 2016

Infact social bookmarking 2016 is not dead. It simply needs to be made slicker and obviously more engaging.  For example, a recipe on pinterest that is shared, pinned, and used frequently works differently and positively. Google looks for such “social signals” from social bookmarking websites. Actually the link really is not a signal, the usage of that link is the signal for achieving better rankings.

Quality social bookmarking sites are a part of 2016’s social media itself. For example, Facebook and Twitter are great for microblogging. YouTube is not just a video sharing platform but also the second largest search engine. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are image sharing sites where users can organise and share all forms of images. Reddit, StumbleUpon, DiggBusinessXC are respected social bookmarking sites that helps users to find quality information. However, we have to accept that everywhere effective community engagement makes a big difference to quality content, traffic and thereby SEO.

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