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We can help you achieve your Non Profit goals through effective non profit website design, search engine optimization and online marketing.

  • Direct your visitors to the relevant sections by appropriate navigation structures.
  • Turn visitors into brand ambassadors by creating a sense of loyalty and trust.
  • Expand your reach by being visible to the world by effective search engine optimization.

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What makes your Non Profit website design resonate?

Should convert visitors into ambassadors

Your non profit website design has challenges on multiple levels. It needs to tell the world what your non profit is all about. It needs to convert visitors to your website into brand ambassadors for your brand. It needs to bolster donations from donors and it needs to attract people to join the cause as patrons and volunteers. A great way of doing this is to create a vibrant non profit website design that enhances your brand image. To provide ease of sharing your content, it is important for your non profit website to be fully integrated with social media platforms. This will automatically bring in more traffic when your ambassadors start sharing the content all over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not only will this bring you more visitors, it will also increase the potential of connecting with prospective donors.

Visual connect via multimedia

Your non profit is active. You love documentation. You have tons of videos and photographs that you want to share with the world. Your non profit website is the right way of doing it. Your non profit website design needs a balance of multimedia including thought provoking content, picture galleries as well as videos the work your non profit has been doing. Total transparency here helps in a big way. It allows your donors to see how their funds are being utilized on the ground making them share more. Live video streaming of your activities, if technology in your area, permits is a great way of sharing your efforts with the world. Carefully drafted articles on your website about your work make people emote and connect with your issues better.

A dedicated page on “Get Involved” allows people how can they join the effort. Creating and mailing out newsletters not only bring people back to your non profit website but also allows them to connect with you emotionally and regularly.

Direct people to take an action

A well made navigation structure as a part of your non profit website design directs your visitors to the appropriate landing pages with the right kind of call to action buttons. As a non profit you need donors the most so a “donate now” call to action has to be displayed prominently. It is essential to explain to your donors how their funds will be utilized for the growth of your non profit. It may make sense to even publish your financial statements online so that potential donors can make an educated decision. It is important that your request for donations is based on the real life story of your non profit.

Your non profit web design should not only look beautiful, but also drive visitors to take meaningful action to support your cause.

Website that fits all devices: Is responsive

More and more people globally are accessing websites via handhelds like smart phones and tablets. It has led to more and more website go responsive. Why should your website be any different? A responsive website gives a visitor a great browsing experience irrespective of the device they are using. Google has already started penalizing website that do not cater to visitors using mobile devices. So responsiveness needs to be an integral part of your non profit website design. This is important since most of your donors are people on the go who usually access website via their mobiles or tablets.