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B2C Website Design that makes you stand out.

We can take your B2C website to a higher level through effective b2c website design, search engine optimisation and creative online marketing. B2C website design needs a plan that creates an emotional interest to drive quick action.

  • Our designers can create beautiful, creative, and intuitive designs for your B2C website.
  • We are organized, practical, and detail-oriented. This makes us stay focused on your customer as well as your B2C website’s business objective.
  • We build B2C websites with a well conceived graphic design, clear navigation and rich content so that your brand stands out.
  • We work with you on your online marketing strategy that keeps you ahead of competition.

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Our B2C Website Client Projects

Are you marketing to the masses – globally or locally? We help you get established on the web and grow your client base.

B2C websites require carefully pitched marketing & right product displays.

Not Product; Customer Focused

B2C websites have to be designed to be focused for your customers. B2C Website Design generally requires a detailed plan that generates an emotive response to generate a prompt action. E-Commerce B2C Websites with a focused product or service lineup need to provide relevant and precise information to help the end consumers make their buying decision.

It is also imperative that your b2c website site is easily found online, engages prospective customers and directs them to take action. We have been working with start-up companies, artists, alternate therapy providers, healthcare companies, restaurants, hotels and and more.

Creating a visual appeal via product/ service photographs

A b2c website design has to have the right kind of visual impact. If its a hotel room, it has to be as clearly displayed as an artist’s mosaic design. Both visuals drive a buying decision from a prospective customer. If your b2c website sells products for the end users, it’s absolutely critical to show pictures, including close-ups.

The photographs must be professional without any blemishes. Appropriately positioned product images with right kind of information on your b2c website drives people to want them. The images need to be original as people see through “jazzed up” images.

Responsiveness is the key today

Mobile & portable devices are propagating at a phenomenal rate. Your B2C website design today needs to maintain a consistent, professional, and enjoyable user experience across devices with different screen resolutions. This encompasses all devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

A B2C website that offers the right kind of mobile user experience is less likely to miss out on a lead as compared to another. Responsive web design is not just trendy any more, it’s a must-be for your business. Your b2c website has to offer your customers a beautiful optimized experience regardless of their choice of device. This means you’ll have expanded the reach of your products and/or service.

Driving an emotive response towards purchase

A great b2c website design needs to make a powerful impact to gain the trust of the prospective customer. A good b2c website that establishes trust goes beyond even gaining new customers. It creates your brand credibility. Your prospective customers need to be sure that you as a b2c business providing complete factual information about your products/ services, and display clear business policies on your storefront or your online catalog.

You need to provide your phone numbers/ contact facilities, your company’s address, information about your company and customer testimonials.

Integrate your social profiles with this; include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Social media today goes a long way in establishing trust between you and your customer. Regular updates on social media websites not only keep your customers aware but also influence a buying decision.