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  • Everything from a domain name, website hosting, start-up website design, to bringing you to the top of search engines. We provide one stop shop solution that works for your start-up.

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Start-Up Website Design Needs to be Compelling

Build and Convey Brand Strength

Having a digital presence is essential for any business – big or small. If you are a start-up the challenges are even severe. To build a mere website is not enough. It requires a start-up website design that conveys your feelings to your target audience. A great idea needs visitors to the online platform and then conversions. While colors, layout and navigation are prime elements in your website design, rightly placed call to action buttons are what your get you business. It also requires being visible on the vastness of the Internet.

Carefully written copy with a start-up website design that is standards-compliant is the need of the hour. Following standards allows us to build websites that are fast loading, favored by search engines and look the same in every modern browser.

Builds Trust

A great start-up website design needs to make a powerful impact to gain the trust of your prospective customer. A good start-up website that establishes trust goes beyond even gaining new customers. It creates your brand credibility. Your prospective clients need to be sure that you as a Consulting business are telling the truth about what you can do, provide complete information on your services, and remain truthful in what your company can do.

It is also a good idea to include your social profiles in this including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Social media today goes a long way in establishing trust between your and your customer’s business.

All these factors should be a part of your start-up website design strategy and will create an immense amount of brand recognition as well as customer loyalty.


Engage Potential Clients

A well made navigation structure as a part of your start-up website design directs your visitors to the appropriate landing pages with the right kind of call to action buttons. As a start-up you need your visitors to book so a “Book Now” call to action has to be displayed prominently. If you do not offer online bookings a “Quick Contact” button that loads a form always helps.

Your start-up web design should not only look beautiful, but also drive visitors to take action and book with you. Your start-up website design strategy need to bring together all of the relevant features of your brand into a meaningful whole while presenting a clear call to action. That results in a better online experience that inspires your visitors and converts them into customers.

Ensure you let people connect with you with ease. Apart from the call to action buttons you need to prominently display your helpline or enquiry phone numbers, your address and maps to direct them to your office.

Your customers love to share stuff on social media. Your point of presence on various social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter integrated with your start-up website will really help letting them share their finds with their friends and relatives. Tagging your business online will get your social business presence more eyeballs and hence enquiries.

Website that fits all devices: Is responsive

More and more people globally are accessing websites via handhelds like smartphones and tablets. It has led to more and more website go responsive. Why should your website be any different? A responsive start-up website design gives a visitor a great browsing experience irrespective of the device they are using. Google has already started penalizing website that do not cater to visitors using mobile devices. So responsiveness needs to be an integral part of your start-up website design. This is important since most of your customers are people on the go who usually access website via their mobiles or tablets.