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About the Client

Gurgaon’s own is a community driven website dedicated about everything in Gurgaon, Haryana. Everyone who lives here knows, it is the people of Gurgaon who make this Millennium City great! is an endeavour to connect people (both residents and visitors) and share the amazing things our progressive city has to offer.

Services Provided

WordPress Responsive Website Development
Website Hosting
Business Emails
Domain Name Registration Search Engine Optimization

See it in action

See it in action

Startup Website Design
About This Project

Stay in Gurgaon – City Portal Website Design

Your city’s website should be a visual representation of your community and reflect the values of its people, and the vibe of its streets.

Stay in Gurgaon is a city portal website design project and is web hosted with us.

It inspires your planning and gets you thinking about the style, form, and functionality that will help you meet your civic engagement goals, and provide you with a website your whole community will be proud to call its home(page).

One of the most popular city portal website trends is flat design.

Stay in Gurgaon uses this style of interface design takes a minimalist approach, emphasizing clean, open spaces, crisp edges, bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations.

While designing a city portal website, it is important that:

  • City portal website design keeps in mind that different user types, or personas, will be using the website.
  • City portal website design uses UX best practices to structure website elements, such as navigation and site flow.