Commit 2B Lean Fitness Website Design

Commit 2B Lean Website Design Australia
About the client

Commit to be Lean is a guaranteed weight loss program that goes beyond just telling you what to eat. Yes! it will tell you what to eat! But together you work through the issues that are specific to you, what problems you have had achieving weight loss goals to date; what is holding you back, what it really is that you want to achieve.

Services provided

Responsive website design
Website Development

B2C Wesbite Design
About This Project

Commit 2B Lean fitness website design is a simple informative website on a weight loss program from Australia. It is a one on one program that runs in 4 week blocks. The fitness website elaborates on what should the clients expect from the weight loss programme.

The fitness website design for Commit 2B Lean has been kept clear and crisp so that the navigation through the website is efficient and the visitors find the required information at a few clicks.