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Mini Mason Mosaic Artists Website Design

Mini Mason Mosaic Artists Website Designa

Website Design for Artists
As an artist are you able to showcase your work effectively? Is your artist website visible online?

We can offer one-stop service for artists website design. Website design for artists, art galleries, art foundations, photographers and others. As a single stop service, we will:

  • Register your art studio, art galleries or photography business’ domain name.
  • Provide you with website hosting and email services custom to our brand.
  • Ideate with you on designing your artist website.
  • Build the website for your art studio, artist gallery or photography business.
  • Getting your website listed on search engines.

Our Artists Website Client Projects

Our Artists website design is focused towards increasing the number of visits to your website that your art gets the right exposure, appreciation and hence sales for your art, art gallery or photography.
Your artist website should be the online portfolio that works for you even as you sleep.

What makes the Artists Website Design stand out?

Plan for the collector or art lover

Artists website design has to be created to make a lasting impression on the art collectors. The elements like brand logo, business tagline need to be unique and well presented.

The artists website design needs to be clean and allow your work to stand out. It needs to create a good amount of visual likeness for the lovers of your art.

Essentially your artists website design should not be overshadowed by fancy graphics, unnecessary animations, or endless paragraphs of text.

A collector or an art appreciator visiting your site for the first time should discover very quickly who you are, what your art looks like and why it is worth seeing (and eventually generating a sales lead).

We work with you in planning your artists website viz layout, design, typography (fonts etc.) and content – both text and imagery.

Visual Appeal – Lead with Images

The most important aspect of any artist website is their gallery; it is where they display their work. Good quality photography is the right medium to reach your artists website audience with right kind of impact.

If you are an artists website that sells art it is absolutely critical to show pictures, including close-ups.

The photographs must be professional and unblemished. Appropriately positioned images on your artists website narrate the right story about you and your art.

From art students to internationally-acclaimed artists, the key to being successful in this art world is to set yourself up with an artist website.

An artist website is like a studio visit: it’s an opportunity for people to see all of your artwork and learn about you as an artist.

The main difference between an artist website and a studio visit is, of course, that your website is always open and anyone from anywhere in the world can come in.

Responsiveness is the key today

Mobile & portable devices are propagating at a phenomenal rate.

Your artists website design today needs to maintain a consistent, professional, and enjoyable user experience across devices with different screen resolutions.

This includes desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. An artists website that offers the right kind of mobile user experience is less likely to miss out on a lead as compared to contrary.

Responsive web design for artists isn’t a trend any more, it’s a must-be. Your artists website has to offer consumers a beautiful optimized experience regardless of their choice of device. This means you’ll have expanded the reach of your products and/or service.

Make a powerful impact

A great artists website design needs to make a powerful impact to gain the trust of the prospective customer. A good artists website that establishes trust goes beyond even gaining new customers. It creates your brand credibility.

You need to provide your phone numbers and emails, your company address, information about your key personnel and testimonials from your customers.

It is also a good idea to include your social profiles in this including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Social media today goes a long way in establishing trust between your and your customer’s business.

Your art loyalty base on social platforms like Facebook can boost your business to a substantial level.

If you are a art ecommerce business that transacts with its customers online, itis necessary to operate live chat help lines apart from just 1-800 too.

All these factors should be a part of your artists website design strategy and will create an immense amount of brand recognition as well as customer loyalty.

Clients Speak

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